Remember every word. Perfectly. Forever.

scribeBOT is your virtual meeting assistant. It joins all your voice and video meetings, records everything securely and makes it all instantly searchable.

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Privacy guaranteed

You have full control over your data. You decide what gets recorded and what doesn't.

Personalized to you

Proprietary AI algorithms learn your voice and speech patterns as you speak, getting even more accurate and reliable over time.

Secure sharing

Share meetings or snippets of conversations instantly and securely with the team


Perfectly recall every conversation

scribeBOT can automatically join and record all your meetings - with your permission of course. Go back to that customer meeting from 20 months ago, and relive the feedback, instead of deciphering hastily scratched notes.


Auto-tagging of meeting topics

scribeBOT's AI identifies the topics discussed and tags the meeting recording accurately. Click on a tag to listen to the relevant snippet.


Find the right conversation easily

Search across all your recorded meetings using topics discussed, phrases or participant names.


Make your conversations medium independent

Zoom, Google Meet, Whatsapp or regular phone calls - no matter where your conversations happen, scribeBOT can record and make it searchable.


Get in Touch

scribeBOT is in early access. We will be launching in July 2020. Subscribe so we can let you know when we are ready.


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